About me

My name Lucas Hökerberg and I work as an IT manager in Sweden. In my job, I get in touch with all kinds of technical stuff from client and server administration, network troubleshooting and design, datacenter management, and so on.

In my spare time, it’s hard not to use my compentence and technical eagerness to improve my home with things like home automation, media management, cloud administration, etc.

Throughout my days, I often get stuck in diffrent scenarios where I either have to find a solution using trial and error, or build a solution my-self. In situations like this, I love to write a few paragraphs about it and give back to the community.

This blog is all about tech stuff I believe is missing out there, and I hope you will find my site helpfull. Please feel free to comment on a post or contact me directly for feedback, questions, or requests.

Happy reading! 🙂


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