Error adding datastore on ESXi 5

Today, I replaced one of my disks in one of my ESXi hosts. The disk has been used in a SAN before and had a partition. When I was trying to create a new datastore using the vSphere Client, I got the following error: Call “HostDatastoreSystem.QueryVmfsDatastoreCreateOptions” for object “ha-datastoresystem” on ESXi “″ failed. According to VMware, this error occurs if there are existing partitions on the disk.

“Ok, no problem! I just delete the partition”, I thought. Easier said than done. After over an hour of googling, I only found complex guides with multiple commands which was not working in my environment. I was just to give up before I found this post. It turned out that all you have to do is to remark the partition as DOS, then ESXi is able to format it itself and create a new datastore.

Enable SSH on your host, connect to it and run the following command:
partedUtil mklabel /dev/disks/<disk id> msdos

How do you find the disk id, you might ask. That’s pretty easy. Login to your host via vShpere Client and go to Configuration -> Storage -> Devices and take a note of the name:

Then run the following commnd via SSH: esxcli storage core device list. Now locate the disk, in my case GB0750C4414. The disk id you need is the one next to Other UIDs. In my case vml.01000000003551443435483451202020202020202020202020474230373530.

Display Name: Local ATA Disk (t10.ATA_____GB0750C4414_____________________________5QD45H4Q____________)
Has Settable Display Name: true
Size: 715404
Device Type: Direct-Access
Multipath Plugin: NMP
Devfs Path: /vmfs/devices/disks/t10.ATA_____GB0750C4414_____________________________5QD45H4Q____________
Vendor: ATA
Model: GB0750C4414
Revision: n/a
SCSI Level: 5
Is Pseudo: false
Status: on
Is RDM Capable: false
Is Local: true
Is Removable: false
Is SSD: false
Is Offline: false
Is Perennially Reserved: false
Queue Full Sample Size: 0
Queue Full Threshold: 0
Thin Provisioning Status: unknown
Attached Filters:
VAAI Status: unknown
Other UIDs: vml.01000000003551443435483451202020202020202020202020474230373530
Is Local SAS Device: false
Is USB: false
Is Boot USB Device: false

That’s it! You can now add the a new datastore via the vShere Client just as usual.

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